thestreetnames is a blog about the quirkier places, people, and stories of London’s history. To read the blog posts, click here.

This blog was born out of the research for a book about London street names, and is a way to provide snippets of information about London, with a fact a day about something in London’s history.

The book started with a question: Whose heart bled in Bleeding Heart Yard? It grew from there with the realization that from Abbess Court in the south to Zoffany Street in the north, London streets and their names provide an endless source of entertainment and information mixed in with political intrigue, bloody murder and celebrity scandals.

What is so funny about Ha Ha Road, and what happened to Broken Wharf and Crooked Usage? Who was unfortunate enough to head off down Wild Goose Drive? All a person could want lies within the names and stories of London.

I hope you enjoy the blog and that you will also enjoy the book, which I plan to have published this year.

About the author.
About the book.

One response to “ABOUT

  1. Here’s one of my favourites.
    I worked in Ladbroke Grove for 20 years, and I always wondered about the origins of Hippodrome Place, and Hippodrome Mews, both in W.11.
    I discovered that there was once a race course in the area, and those names are all that are left to remind us. Here’s a recent link.


    You may know about this already of course, as I have yet to read all your posts. Best wishes, Pete.
    (By the way, do you know about the postal area numbers, like SE6, and NW11 etc, and why they are so numbered?) If not, send me an e mail at petejohnson50@yahoo.com, and I will reveal the ‘secret’.)

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